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College program is designed for tennis players in their final year of high school, who want to continue their education and tennis career at one of the universities in the United States, by receiving an athletic scholarship.


It is desirable for the candidate to contact us at least 12 months ahead of planned departure to the United States, so that the search for the appropriate university and adequate athletic scholarship could be performed at the highest level. After an initial assessment of player's tennis ability, the detailed plan for training and tournaments is made together with former college players and experienced coaches in order to achieve the desired level of play necessary for obtaining the athletic scholarship in the United States. Full package program includes tennis and conditioning preparation of players, professional preparation for the TOEFL (English) and SAT (English and math) tests, writing a short tennis biography, shooting and editing a video (presentation of a tennis player and his tennis skills) and contacting all potential universities in the United States, promoting a player in order to obtain athletic (tennis) scholarship.

Although the services can be taken individually, we strongly recommend the full package program because the experience of current and former college tennis players as well as the experience of current college coaches whom we are in contact with, tells us that in addition to tennis skills, the results of TOEFL and SAT tests are also very important for receiving a tennis scholarship, as well as the quality of the video promoting the player’s tennis abilities.

The price of this program depends on the scope of services that the tennis player wants to get from the academy until he/she signs the scholarship contract with one of the universities in the United States. The price of tennis practices and conditioning, as a part of the preparation for the college tennis is the same as it applies for the individual programs in the academy. Tennis players who are interested in this program should email us at: ivanm@tennisacademyelite.com, with all the questions they have and/or request a proposal tailored to their needs.

Other relevant information related to tennis college scholarships:  Universities whose athletic teams belong to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division 1 and 2 provide a certain number of scholarships for their athletic teams, while those in the NCAA Division 3 do not provide financial benefits to their athletes. If desired, the player can be promoted in all three divisions.  

Universities whose athletic teams belong to the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Division also offer a certain number of athletic scholarships to their teams. TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) is an English language test which all prospective international students (foreigners) have to take. SAT test is an admission test for American universities, which is taken by all students, including domestic and international students. The test consists of taking the English language and mathematics. In order to meet the requirements necessary for admission to universities in the United States, and obtain a tennis scholarship, a player must be a high school graduate and between 18-23 years of age.