• Individual program - Tennis Academy Elite


Suitable for tennis players of advanced level, who are staying longer than 4 weeks in the academy, or tournament players who are coming in order to prepare for specific tournaments.


We design a specific training program for each player who comes to our academy, modified to his tennis and conditioning level, and the short and medium term plans of competition. Every player gets his main coach who takes care of the implementation of player’s program and monitors its progress in all aspects.

Also, along with the player, coach makes the optimal plan of the tournaments for the next period. Optionally, practices and sparing matches can be recorded and professionally analyzed together with a coach.

During the stay at the Academy, tennis players have organized professional lectures in the field of techniques, tactics and psychological preparation of the players.  Regarding the younger and older juniors, the training program and tournament planning is made in agreement with players’ parents. 

In addition, Elite Tennis Academy offers a coach who travels with a player and takes care of the transport, entry process for the tournaments, warm-ups, etc. Billing and payments of the training hours in groups of 2-4 and individual lessons are made and charged weekly by the academy’s well-established pricing list. At the end of player’s stay in the Academy, every player receives a report with expert analysis of his tennis level, as well as suggestions on what aspects need further improvements.


Price of this program depends on duration of he stay, practice hours, as well as chosement of the coach.