Tennis Fitness Program

A tennis fitness program is created to maximize your performance through proper exercises and training routine. It is custom-made to fit each player’s individual tennis and fitness levels. Our clients are provided with tennis strength and conditioning programs tailored to their individual athletic backgrounds, overall health, needs and injury profiles, which helps them advance.

This includes getting lessons in tennis techniques and tactics, as well as learning about recovery and rehabilitation. Player’s fitness level is one of the most important aspects for productive results on the tennis court. That is why our team carefully plans each detail about your training  to help improve on-court movement, endurance, power, overall strength, and to prevent common tennis injuries. 

In order to make the best fitness program for our players, each one of them is evaluated before starting any of our programs. That means that the player’s strength and conditioning is being looked at along with their tennis skills. Specially trained coaches make the evaluation which is revised every 3 months to see the progress made.

Tennis Fitness Program in Summary

Competition Period

  • Monday – Speed Training
  • Tuesday – Footwork and Agility Training
  • Wednesday – Strength and Power Training
  • Thursday – Footwork and Speed Training
  • Friday – Coordination + Reaction Rate Training
  • Saturday – Sport or Testing Abilities

Preparatory Period

  • Monday – Endurance Training
  • Tuesday – Strength Training
  • Wednesday – Interval Training
  • Thursday – Strength Training
  • Friday – Endurance Training

Individual Trainings

  • Individualized training plans for different skill levels
  • Individualized tennis and fitness specific exercises
  • The best coach for your tennis goals

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