Junior Tennis Program

The junior tennis program is specifically designed to give our youngest players the best possible opportunities. It focuses on the retention and acquisition of physical, tactical and technical skills. Our best coaches have tailored this program that offers pathways and structure for kids to maximize and improve their ability and potential.

Our mission is to promote and grow tennis program for kids as a platform for developing their physical fitness, character and lifetime achievements through education, tennis and community.

The junior tennis program is intended for our youngest players up to 10 years old. Practices are organized in personal training sessions and groups with other children of similar age and quality.

There is 1.5h of tennis practice and 1h of fitness training each day where you will learn about sportsmanship, unity, and how to work together to achieve your goals. Saturdays are intended for tennis sparring matches that last 2 hours where you will learn how to respond to different challenges and show how much you have learned and advanced. 

Total of 9.5h hours of tennis and 5 hours of physical conditioning per week. According to our clients wishes and needs, our well-educated and licensed coaches  are also open to creating a specialized plan to help accommodate your needs and wishes.

Beyond being an excellent form of exercise and fun activity, tennis program for kids is also a level-based and competitive project that promotes life skills, social and individual growth. 

What is also important to know is that upon the arrival of the player to our camp, an evaluation is being done. Coaches look at the player’s good and bad tennis skills through video. After that, every 3 months the player and coaches go through everything they did and see how much progress has been made.

Junior Tennis Program in Summary

One Day Example

  • 30minute morning footwork exercises or some other form of warm up
  • Breakfast
  • 1.5h of tennis practice
  • School hours
  • Lunch
  • 1h of fitness training
  • Stretching
  • Dinner


  • Monday: Technique and serve
  • Tuesday: Technique and volley
  • Wednesday: Friendly matches/li>
  • Thursday: Technique and serve
  • Friday: Technique and situational points
  • Saturday: Friendly matches

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