Tennis Academy Elite

Dimitrije Zubac and Antonija Ruizic won the titles at Yason Cup 2018!

An international tournament of the 2nd category U16 years old has been completed on the courts of TA Elite. The first place in the men's competition was won by Dimitrije Zubac, who was better than Stefan Popovic in the final match with 63 63. Previously in the semi-finals, Zubac was better than Ukrainian German Samofalov with 64 61, while Stefan Popovic was better than Hamad Medjedovic in 3 sets: 36 61 61.

In the girl’s competition, the first place was won by Croatian Antonija Ružić. She was better than Romanian Simona Ogesku in the final match with the score of 63 63. In the semis, Antonija beat Macedonian player Jana Stojanov with 61 75.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the tournament on a great and fair fight during the tournament!